Consipation Subluxation

Jessica brought in little Will for a spinal check-up and stated he hadn’t had a bowel movement in over a week. He’s been constipated that long.  Examination found subluxation at L3/4, I checked and gently adjusted him while his mom held him.  About a half an hour later, Will had a poopy :).  Remove the interference and the body will do what it is supposed to do :)!Image

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Bladder Function

I had a patient in her 70’s never been to a chiropractor, I do the exam turns out she has scoliosis and pretty severe DJD throughout her spine. Been treating for about 18 visits now she is responding beautifully! Pain in neck is just about gone, joints are moving better.
Today she says to me “you know could this be taking the pressure off my bladder? Because for years I have been waking up 4-5 times throughout the night to use the bathroom I would usually fall asleep for 2 hrs and wake up but recently I have been sleeping for 5-6 hrs and only getting up about 2 x’s a night! At first I just thought it was a coincidence but now it is something that has kept on happening and I have to think you’re the reason. Could you be helping with this?”
Absolutely and gave her my 1-2 min this is how chiropractic works talk!
It was a very cool experience.

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Last chance

We had a patient who had a previous lumbar spine surgery (years ago), come in with excrutiating pain.  He had pain in his back, and both legs, and it took him 30 minutes on average to get his shoes on.  After treating him everyday for a week and then 3x for 2 weeks, he came “bouncing” in (his words).  He felt “phenomenal!”  Chiropractic was his last effort before spinal fusion surgery (which he wanted to avoid so much he was teary-eyed when he told us).  Chiropractic many times is the last effort before surgery, and more often than not, that effort pays off 🙂

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You can do Magic!

We have a great gentleman who grew up in Korea, he speaks broken English. His son brought him in for care after chiropractic helped him so much.  The older gentleman came in today after about 3 weeks of care, yesterday was a bad day.  He told us today that we “can do magic!” He felt great last night and was able to walk further than he has in years! 

Chiropractic and acupuncture aren’t magic, but the results are stellar!

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“Fell in Love”


We had a patient who came in about 3 years ago for neck pain, she left after that pain had resolved.  She came in the other day with extreme low back pain.  Examination and xrays revealed a grade 2 spondylolisthesis (moving toward a 3).  One treatment yesterday, she came in today and said “I fell in love with you guys again overnight.”  She was able to sleep almost all night (she had been sleeping about 2 hours at a time), and she felt much more mobile today.  I explained to her, that it wasn’t us, it’s CHIRORPACTIC, and I am in love with it too 😉

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“Just had to be here!”

We had a patient come in without pain, because he noticed how much better his wife not only felt, but how her mood improved, her outlook on life, etc, all improved since beginning care here.  So he said “I just had to be here, I want what she’s been getting.”  Chiropractic care is not about pain relief (even though chiropractic helps with pain), it is about removing interference to the nervous system so people can LIVE BETTER 🙂

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Clear Ears!

I had the distinct pleasure to treat an 18 month old kiddo who’s mom brought him in for chronic ear infections.  Their Pediatrician was all set to have tubes put in the little guy’s ears.  We treated him 6 times in here, and he had his follow-up appointment with his pediatrician this morning… ears are all clear!  The Pediatrician gave him a clear bill of health and the little guy gave me a big hug today! Love my job and I love chiropractic!

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